All You Need to Know about twitter shadowban

If you are a business or an individual, the use of social media is something you already know about because of how it can benefit you in getting good following and the sharing of your content. However, it is also important to note that the different social media platforms such as Twitter have rules and regulations that must be followed even in the posting of the content. The policies in place are very clear and therefore failure to follow them, has led to very many Twitter account being suspended or closed indefinitely. What happens is something known as twitter shadowban. You can read more below to understand what shadowban is.

One of the most important things to understand is what is and entails a shadowban. When the social media platform like twitter designed to limit the organic reach of the user’s account, then it is mostly called twitter shadowban or ghost banning. It is a very limiting thing to happen because of the fact that your leads can drop significantly when it comes to your account organic reach and also can impact your visibility. There are three types of twitter shadowbans that you also need to understand. If the company limits the number of users who can see your comments on tweets, then it is called thread shadowban. In case the twitter company blocks the user from seeing your profile, then it is called search suggestion shadowban. A full search ban is where twitter blocks all your tweets from the search results.

Social media, banning is something that most of the social media companies into today for various reasons and therefore should not be a surprise. The reason for this happening can definitely be important to know especially now that it impacts your organic reach in a great way. It is as a result of bad faith actors but it is important to note that it is a soft punishment. It can also happen because of different violations of the policy. In case the issue is not sorted out, then account suspensions can happen and it has happened to very many people who cannot use the social media anymore. If you are consistently harassing other twitter users, hashtag trend hijacking, spam behavior, following and unfollowing many account artificially are among the other reasons.

It is your responsibility therefore to know when account has been blocked and how long, but also follow the right procedures to ensure that you can deal with the issue. It is good to have a twitter account for your organic reach, but also understand the terms and conditions for using them so that you can avoid such issues which can because little your following.

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