What You Need to Know About Linen Tracking Technology

A hospital operation will require a lot of things. Aside from the medical processes that are being done, it is also important for them to have an efficient overall operation. One of the ways to do this is by keeping track of the things that they use on a regular basis. One of the most basic things being used in a hospital setting is the linens. Due to the number that they have, losing them can be easy. A hospital laundry service should ensure that all of the linens are accounted for. Doing this in a manual mode can be very tasking and will be almost impossible. To make things easier though, a hospital can make use of a linen tracking system. It is this one that will not only be able to handle or monitor linens but other forms of hospital clothing like lab coats, uniforms and so much more. You can either make use of an RFID or radio-frequency identification or a barcode system to be able to do the tracking. For you to have a better understanding, we will be talking about these two systems in this article.

One of the available linen tracking systems is the one that makes use of RFID. This one utilizes a tag or a chip that is attached to each garment, sheet, towel, uniform, and other linens. The RFID system in the linens is often installed by the manufacturer themselves. An RFID tracking system can make use of different frequencies when it comes to tracking. What is good about an RFID system is that the chip is encased in a thin plastic casing which will not interfere with the function of the item. It also helps protect the chip from various laundry processes. An RFID system also makes use of antennas that are linked to readers. These can be placed in various locations like bins, racks, and hampers. The advantage of this one is that you can scan a whole bin at one time making the process faster. Managing the data is also easy since it is linked to a software system. An RFID linen tracking system can also be utilized in hotels, restaurants, and many more.

Another form of linen tracking is barcode labeling. This is considered to be an older system and is simpler than that of an RFID. This will also require fewer components thus making it cheaper. The disadvantage though is that it might not be as efficient and accurate when dealing with large amounts of items or inventory.

Businesses that make use of linens on a daily or regular basis will greatly benefit from a linen tracking system. This will help reduce the time and effort needed when it comes to processing, receiving, and shipping these items to and fro a laundry facility. It will also be easier to conduct an accurate inventory of each of the items that you have. This is great since it helps avoid running out of linens which is essential in businesses like hospitals, hotels, and so much more.

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