How to Get a Quality Roof Installation
Getting your roof installed by a professional is an excellent way to ensure the quality of the job and to reduce costs. Roofing professionals can set up roof jacks with large boards that offer a landing pad for workers and falling shingles. They can also install safety straps and harnesses to prevent falling objects from weak spots on your roof. Here are some tips on how to get a quality roof installation:

Before beginning the roof installation process, the installer will install the ice and water barrier around the perimeter of the roof. This material sticks to the sheathing and should be properly installed around the edge of the roof that is most prone to ice damming and water buildup. They will also install drip edges to prevent water from penetrating underneath the underlayment. Once the ice and water barrier is in place, the roof is ready to receive the roofing system.

The day of roof installation is arguably the most important day in the life of your roof. It lays the foundation for the rest of its life. A properly installed roof will last for decades, but if improperly installed, your roof will experience premature failure. Bill Ragan Roofing understands the importance of proper roof installation, and it shows in the quality of their work. You’ll be happy you partnered with a professional roofing company.

When getting your new roof installed, you must remove the old one first. Adding new layers on top of the old one will only weaken the structural integrity of the new roof, causing it to fail prematurely. Make sure to remove the old roof down to the sheathing layer and rebuild it. Sheathing is composed of flat panels that provide structural support to the roof and are the base for your new roofing material. It is vital to protect yourself while removing the old roof. In addition to wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), you must also be vigilant about falling debris.

Before you start the roof installation process, you must make sure your home is ready for it. Make sure you have plenty of garbage containers near the house and line the ground below with protective clothing. Ensure that there are no loose items in the home, as the process of replacing your roof can cause a lot of mess. If you have no idea how to prepare your house for the replacement of your roof, talk to local roofing contractors to get an accurate quote.

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