Choosing the Best Online Platform for Art Sales

The dynamics in the art industry have been changing over the years. For this reason, the majority of the artists are adopting online art sale platforms to display and sell their art pieces on top of their brick-and-mortar galleries. Some of the benefits that come with using an online platform to sell your art are that you get to reach a bigger audience and as well as maximize profits. There is a swarm of online platforms available for artists to sell their work. How do you then single out the best one for you? Here are some of the important factors to consider.

Find out the commission structure that the online art sale platform uses. Different online art sale platforms have different pricing models. Read and understand the commission terms outlined on the contract by the gallery. Take into consideration what other roles the online gallery platform will be undertaking on your behalf. Some online art sale platforms will have a pricing formula for other roles like selling and marketing your work. It is important to know what costs will be on you so that you choose an online art sale platform with a commission framework that works for you.

Do research on the background of the online art sale platform before deciding to work with them. Check what other artists who have had their work displayed on the particular online platform have to say about them Consider asking for a recommendation from a friend or family artist on the online art sale platform they have had a good experience with. Your chances of increasing your art sales and making huge profit margins lie with working with a reputable online art sale platform and vice versa.

Consider the duration that the online art sale platform has been in existence. A vastly experienced online platform will be a good fit for you because the runner of the online platform has a wide knowledge of how they can optimize your artwork sales by working out a mutually beneficial agreement that suits your selling needs. Additionally, an online art sale platform that has many years in the art industry will know the target markets that your kind of artwork will successfully hit and concentrate their focus there.

Inquire about other services that the online art sale platform will provide you with. For instance, some online art sale platforms have a user-friendly App that potential art collectors can view your artwork incorporated with an around-the-clock customer service number that art collectors can make inquiries about a piece of art they liked. Does the online art gallery provide printing services on demand, and where does the need arise? Chances of increasing your returns will be high if you work with an online art sale platform that has bells and whistles.
Find out if the online art sale platform is curated or not depending on whether you have one type of art or you concentrate on making a variety of art pieces. It is very important to find out if an online art sale gallery focuses on a certain selection of artwork or a mix of artwork. This is crucial because the last thing you want is your one type of artwork being overshadowed in the online platform of your choice if it is not curated. On the other hand, if you are making different types of art, you can opt for an online art sale gallery that is not juried.

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